In Memory

My mom passed away on New Year’s Eve day. She was 93 years old.

My sister and brother and I had all visited her in Iowa 3 times in the past 6 months. We kept thinking she was going down hill but each time we got there she was doing well and we had wonderful visits.

But just a few weeks ago she had suddenly gone from being a gal about town driving her car here and there everyday to needing help getting in bed at night. We went to move her from her apartment into a room in the retirement center where she would receive round the clock care.

It was a good visit. The people who cared for her were so kind and fun loving. We hung paintings and filled bookshelves so that her room had the same flavour as one of the many homes she had after moving from the family home many years ago.

She was so appreciative of our visit and we felt satisfied that we’d done everything we could to help her settle into her new home. I still remember the smile on her face as I turned around to say goodbye one last time.

Mom had been very healthy all her life always having energy to burn. In the end she only had one day of pain that was tempered by evening. She died during the night.

There’s an indescribable preciousness in loosing a parent.

New Year’s Eve seemed a good day for her to have passed. As a child I remember her sewing a sparkly dress every year in preparation for a New Year’s Eve out dancing with my dad.

This New Year’s Eve I set up a simple altar adorned with a picture from her younger years. I lit a white candle and turned out all the lights and I sat in the comfort of my memories imagining Mom’s spirit all shimmery and free.

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