I Have a New Ritual

I have a new ritual. I’ve been doing it every day now for a week.

Sometimes I choose my rituals. I have a need or a desire so I plan a ritual and then I perform it once or many times depending on its purpose.

Not so for this ritual. This one chose me.

On January 1st I awoke earlier than usual. I went to my studio and raised the blind. I noticed that the darkness within my studio was met by more darkness outside my window.

I felt like lingering there so I lit the candle on my altar and I sat for a while in the fire lit darkness. It was comforting to be in the quiet of that first morning of a brand new year.

Every morning since, I’ve followed the same practice. It’s not something I decided to do. I’ve got no rules about how long I’m going to continue it. I’ve got no belief about how long I have to do in order to reap a benefit.

This practice is more about following an impulse, an impulse that arose on the first day of the new year and has continued to arise day after day.

This morning, I got up a little later than usual but I still noticed the impulse to go to my altar. I lit the candle. I burned some Palo Santo. I pulled a card from my sweet little angel card deck.

And then when the sun started pouring in full force I was treated to a shimmery display of beauty as the frost crystals started melting from my windows.

I’m enjoying the nourishment of my early morning ritual.

I’m wondering what impulse is secretly calling you toward nourishment?

Do you find yourself pausing near the flowers at the grocery store? Did a book of poems catch your attention as you walked by your bookshelf? Are those note cards you received as a gift looking more and more inviting? Is the park near your home looking appealing on your drive home from work?

Pick up the bouquet.

Take down the book.

Find your favourite pen.

Put on your walking shoes.

Who knows? Following your impulse might lead you to begin a practice that will effortlessly nourish you for days to come.

Notice what is calling you into health.

Follow the call.

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