Holy Peace

Last weekend, it was such a pleasure to take my 4 year-old grandson to the green house to choose a poinsettia. He and his dad were as happy as I was to step into the warmth of the greenhouse. It was a sea of colour!

Over the years, I’ve shifted my attention from gift giving to celebrating the magic of this season through simple pleasures; a trip to the green house, singing in concert with my choirs, making something special to add to the meal I share with my extended family, cutting some greenery in the forest to make a wreath, a wilderness walk on Christmas day.

Where I live the cold moves in, the darkness settles and yet even in the contraction of winter, there are twinkling lights illuminating the night and a there’s a feeling of hope in the air that accompanies me through the time of darkness.

It feels as though the veils between the seen and unseen worlds are thinnest this time of year. I can feel the holy moments more strongly than at any other time of the year.

I encourage you to cultivate inner peace during the holidays. Set up a simple altar in your home.

You could cut some evergreen from your garden or purchase white flowers for a vase or a bowl and place a candle near them. Light the candle and spend some time each evening in quiet contemplation.

Create a place of peace in your busy life and you will experience important insights and expand your feeling of gratitude.

Listen to this song by Peter Mayer called “Holy Now”. I hope you resonate with its sentiment.

I’m wishing you well.

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