Get Outside!

A few weeks ago, I was pleased to be invited to host a nature ceremony in collaboration with Rodney Fuentes who is holding a “Get Outside-30 Day Challenge”.

I gladly signed up for the challenge.

Here are a few photos from my excursions into the natural world in the past few days.

I’ve been dreaming up a simple ceremony and I’m pleased to extend an open invitation to everyone who lives near Peterborough, Ontario, to join in.

Here are the details…

“Filled with Gladness” A Community Ceremony to Celebrate Spring

Join in a simple but richly engaging community ceremony to express our connection to the natural world. Come together to awaken your senses and welcome spring.

Listen to the water flow.
Feel your feet on the ground.
Look up to sky’s inspiration.
Taste Earth’s bounty.
Inhale the aroma of spring.

What- A simple ceremony
When- Tuesday, April 26th from 5:30-6pm
Where- Hamilton Park on Bonaccord Street in Peterborough, Ontario

I’d love to see you there rain or shine!

Today’s Feature Article, a guest post by Rodney Fuentes, will be certain to entice you to get outside!


GET OUTSIDE! (guest post by Rodney Fuentes)

Ask anyone, and they will often tell you how much they love being outside – soaking up the sun on a gorgeous summer day or taking advantage of a fresh snowfall to go snowshoeing.

People instinctively connect to nature. WHY?

• Nature is a key component of well-being. It provides us with oxygen, water, and food – all essential components of good health.
• Nature is the foundation for supporting life. Ignoring the natural world that surrounds us is like ignoring life itself.
• Nature is fun. In the outdoors, we can enjoy a nature hike, a trail run, swim in lakes, play sports outside, and ride our bikes.

Most people are not having enough time outside.

• The average North American spends 93 percent of their life indoors.
• Overuse of cell phones and other technologies contribute to us isolating ourselves from nature and losing connection with our true origins.

Most people are not outside all that much.

I hear often from my clients:
“I’m too busy”
“It’s either too hot / cold”
“It’s raining”
“Too many mosquitos”
“I’m out of shape”

April is a transition month… The snow is often still melting, mud puddles abound, and the old expression “April showers bring May flowers” came about for a reason… It can be hard to get outdoors when the weather is less than ideal.

This April, let’s connect with nature…. no matter the weather.

This April, let’s get outside and feel the ground, the rain, the sun, and the blowing wind as we do as many activities as possible surrounded by our natural environment.

Rodney Fuentes is a wellness mentor with a background in ecotourism and outdoor adventure travel. For years, he has dedicated his life to traveling, exploring, and connecting with the outdoors. Rodney founded Explore Origins with the goal of raising awareness towards wellbeing, nature connection, and finding long lasting motivators that keep people driven for a healthier lifestyle. Rodney does personal training, motivational public speaking, wellness workshops, and wellness retreats.

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