From the Land


Tomorrow I’m taking a drive out into the country to meet with one of my wedding couples on the land where their ceremony will be held. This property is important to them. It has supported them during their 10-year relationship and they have bright hopes for their future there.

Knowing this, it’s especially important to me to spend some time on the land to begin to “see” their ceremony. Tomorrow, during our meeting, I will look to the land to inspire certain elements of the ceremony and when I return home, imagining the natural space where the wedding will be held will support me in my writing process.

It is such a pleasure to get to know my wedding couples through our conversations and their written answers to my in depth questionnaire. I feel fortunate to be entrusted with the details of their meeting and the special qualities that they see in one another that have drawn them into committed relationship.

Even at our first meeting I can’t help but begin to compose their love story that will be at the heart of their ceremony.

As a certified Lifecycle Celebrant, composing a couple’s unique love story informs the words and rituals that are chosen. Telling their story infuses their ceremony with deep personal meaning for them and for all who are gathered to witness.

In this way, their wedding ceremony becomes a powerful shared experience for all who are present and creates beautiful memories for years to come.

How nourishing!

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