Finding Your Ground

Last week my siblings and I all met up in Iowa for a visit with my 92 year old mom. I had a few hours to wait at the airport for my sister to arrive so rather than stay in the terminal I went outside to search for a little bit of nature to commune with.

I was happy when I spotted a tree on a patch of grass that looked like a perfect place to relax on that hot summer day. I ended up lying down under the tree to rest in the gentle breeze on the cool earth. I felt relaxed and grounded by the time my sister’s plane arrived.

We stayed in an apartment that was set aside for guests of the folks that lived in my mom’s retirement centre. It was very comfortable and a great place to return each night with my brother and sister but I knew I also needed a place where I could be alone with my thoughts and feelings.

So each morning I got up early to take a walk on the grounds. By the third day, I had created my special path.

I went down the hill and under the showering pines…


Across a parking lot and onto the dewy narrows…


Up the impossible slope and into an oak forest…

Grass and Trees
Past the grandfather tree whose huggable “arms” were outstretched …

Hugging Tree

And most days I would end up talking to brown squirrel.


When you are in a new situation look for familiar ground. Making friends with the natural world wherever you go will help you feel at home.

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