Drive Yourself Sane

This morning I awoke with a feeling of unease. I got up took a shower, got dressed, put my coat on, picked up my keys and went for a drive.

I stopped and got tea and a muffin and headed out of town not knowing exactly where I was going, just knowing I was going.

Driving in my car on a quiet road is one of the ways I can always count on finding a new perspective.

I put the heat on and basked in its comfort. I looked out at the countryside and noticed that the trees were just starting to glow with fall colour. Oh, how beautiful!

I took a deep breath and felt my body begin to relax. In my car, on this early morning drive, there was nothing important for me to do (other than keep the car on the road), and nothing reminding me of things I should be doing.

At times our lives are so busy. We’re moving from one ‘to do’ to the next without so much as a pause in between. And when we do stop it’s usually because we are so depleted we can’t go on or we’re so overwhelmed we can’t think clearly.

Often the break we take is unsatisfying and we return to our busy lives feeling just as worn out and perplexed.

And yet there is an easy way. When you find a simple practice that realigns you with a place inside where wisdom and clarity resides, your perspective can shift in no time at all.

There is no reason to linger in despair.

As I drove along, on that glowing tree morning, the word ‘simplify’ came to me. ‘Simplify’…yes, I need to reign in some of my creative impulses and simplify my focus. The message, “Do just what YOU want to do” flooded forward. I forgot, no one else is telling me what to do. I get to choose.

As I drove along in the silence I chose to follow a road I had never taken and I felt a sense of newness, trust and wellbeing.

Next time you are in need of a shift in perspective, take a drive in the country. Empty yourself of ‘to do’s’ and let your inner wisdom come forward.

Drive yourself sane.

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