Ceremony is You

When I was a child I was equally as restricted as I was excited by the ceremonies I attended.

As a young teen, I was confirmed at my church and the pleasure of wearing a new dress was counterbalanced by having to sit still, stand up straight and memorize something that had no meaning to me.

When one of the adults came up to me after the ceremony and asked me if I felt changed by the experience, I’m sure I very politely smiled and said “yes”, but inside I only felt relief that the whole thing was over.

And yet some parts of that ceremony intrigued me: our bishop’s deep resonant voice filling the sanctuary and his big kind hands blessing me, the exotic scent of incense.

I was in heaven!

As a Girl Scout, my friends and I spent hours happily preparing for our ceremonies and we bonded through the shared experience of stifled laughter during the parts of the ceremony that went on and on and on.

In my 20’s I cultivated a deep connection to nature and I gathered with my friends to celebrate solstice and equinox, ceremonies we made up on the spot, around campfires and candlelight.

It was in my 30’s, during the angst of love lost, that I started performing my own personal ceremony. I instinctively knew just what I needed to do to move through a difficult time or how to express my desire for a particular change.

I burned love letters, wrote poems, created simple altars and tended them faithfully until I felt something within me shift.

Performing personal ceremony became an act of trust, a creative expression and an acknowledgement of a deep-seated belief in myself.

I was definitely changed by the experience.

Over time I began to share my passion with my family and friends until creating ceremony evolved into being o my life’s work.

When people ask me what traditions my ceremony is based on, I tell them it is based on the tradition of honouring self.

I hold the space for my clients to find their way to the very centre of their desire for change. Our work together uncovers the symbols and scents, actions and proclamations that illuminate their intentions.

It’s a powerful experience to infuse YOU into a ceremony.

And you are most definitely changed by the experience.

Personal ceremony is all about YOU.

It’s all about YOU…you get to choose words and actions that have meaning to you.
It’s all about YOU…you get to decide who you invite to support you in acknowledging the change.
It’s all about YOU…you get to clear away the noise and attend to what really matters to YOU.
It’s all about YOU…there is no right way, there is only YOUR WAY.
It’s all about YOU…you get to choose where, when, why, how and what and whoo hoo!

Let’s celebrate!

I’d love to help you manifest a desire or move through a transition to a brighter place. If you want to know more about how we can work together just send me an email and we’ll set up a time to talk!

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