Ceremony is all about YOU!

I so enjoyed the ceremony I led this morning. Picture a group of people wandering through a wild garden on a beautiful spring day offering their dreams into the air in the form of a milkweed seed. The seeds were carried in unpredictable directions offering unexpected insights. Such a delight! I call this photo “After the Ceremony”. Do you notice signs of a celebration?!


I remember when I was a little girl.  I was both excited and restricted by the ceremonies I attended.  I often had to sit still or stand straight or memorize something that had no meaning to me.  I remember when I was confirmed in my Episcopal (Anglican) Church.  I got a brand new dress and wore hose for the first time (hose?!).  When the minister’s wife came up to me after the ceremony and asked me if I felt ‘changed’ by the experience, I’m sure I very politely smiled and said “yes”, but inside I only felt relief that the whole thing was over.

And yet some parts of ceremony intrigued me.  They had me rapt with attention. I loved it when the bishop visited our church.  He had a deep resonant voice that filled the sanctuary.  He had big, kind hands and when he placed them on my head I felt blessed.  I remember the smoke that filled the church when he swung a ‘cage’ of exotic scented incense on a long chain.  I was in heaven!

The Girl Scout troop I was part of loved ceremony and my friends and I thrived on the excitement they generated.

In my 20’s I started performing my own ceremony.  I instinctively knew just what I needed to do to move through a difficult time or how to express my desire for a particular change. I burned love letters, wrote poems, created simple altars and tended them faithfully until my desire was manifest. I performed personal ceremony as an act of bravery and trust and as a creative expression and a deep seated belief in myself.

There is much more to my story but this part you already know… I grew up with a passion to share the profound experience of creating personal ceremony with you!

I hold the space for your clarity and your clear choice about creating a life that has deep meaning and is filled with delight and abundance.

This week I want you to know that personal ceremony is all about YOU!

It’s all about YOU…you get to choose words and actions that have meaning to you.

It’s all about YOU…you get to decide who you invite to support you in acknowledging the change you are experiencing.

It’s all about YOU…you get to clear away the noise and attend to what really matters to YOU.

It’s all about YOU…there is no right way, there is only YOUR WAY.

It’s all about YOU…you get to choose where, when, why, how, what and whoo hoo!

Let’s celebrate!

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  1. Posted April 15, 2012 at 4:38 am | Permalink

    Oh, Jovanna…I love your posts filled with breath, presence, peace, beauty…

    Bless you and your work in the world!!


    • Jovanna
      Posted April 15, 2012 at 8:30 am | Permalink

      Joy,Thank you for your kind words.

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