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In the Presence of Peonies

This morning I ventured out into my garden hoping that today would be the day. I brought my camera in anticipation. There had been a gentle rain in the night and sure enough, several of the tight buds that I’d been noticing on my peony bushes had opened and their delicate petals were laden with […]

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The Prayer of Poetry

It’s often the simplest of gestures that help my clients find a new perspective. Choosing to stop and smell a flower, to linger in the beauty of the shadow cast by the sun or looking a moment longer into your loved one’s eyes can make all the difference. The practices we create together to support […]

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Greet the Day

Sometimes when I first wake up in the morning I feel almost dreary. Whether it’s a feeling lingering from a dream or the fact that my thoughts turn first to my “To Do” list, I am anything but cheerful. This week I’ve been arising early each morning and going to a 6:30am yoga class. I’ve […]

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Perfect Antidote

Yesterday I took a few moments to ‘petal’ a wilted bouquet of roses and then I cast them out my front door. Watching the petals flutter through the air is one of my simple pleasures. Last summer, exhausted after a long day, I plopped myself down on the bench on my back deck and looked […]

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What Did You Notice?

When I was on my morning walk today, I noticed a man stepping out of his house and walking to his car with his eyes focused down on his cell phone. My first thought was “how does he do that without tripping?” and my second thought was “I wonder if he is taking in any […]

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Give Yourself to Love

On Valentine’s Day give yourself to love… Arise early and watch love colour the sunrise. Sleep in late and listen to love whisper in your dreams. Declare your love by drawing a heart in the snow or the sand. Take a hot bath and enjoy love’s warmth from head to toe. Drink a cool glass […]

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I Have a New Ritual

I have a new ritual. I’ve been doing it every day now for a week. Sometimes I choose my rituals. I have a need or a desire so I plan a ritual and then I perform it once or many times depending on its purpose. Not so for this ritual. This one chose me. On […]

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Waves of Blessing

Guest Post by Colleen O’Grady I love the ocean. I enjoy the smell of the ocean, the song of the seagulls and the sound of waves crashing upon the shore. Nothing feeds my soul like the ocean. Last week I took one last trip to the beach before school starts. I took my daughter and […]

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Carrying Peace

I’m visiting my mom this week while she celebrates her 91st birthday. After the long flight, I was desperately in need of the nourishment of nature. I turned onto a country road and followed my impulses to go this way or that. I was so pleased when I found a place called The Iowa Arboretum […]

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Self Blessing

Last weekend I spent a day with three dear friends who touched me with their words of love. We laughed, we cried and we all found ourselves “home” again. I feel so fortunate. “Sometimes it is necessary to re-teach a thing its loveliness”(Galway Kinnell). So true. When we feel despair, unworthy, broken, each of us […]

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