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Get Outside!

A few weeks ago, I was pleased to be invited to host a nature ceremony in collaboration with Rodney Fuentes who is holding a “Get Outside-30 Day Challenge”. I gladly signed up for the challenge. Here are a few photos from my excursions into the natural world in the past few days. I’ve been dreaming […]

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I Love This Moment of Balance

During my yoga class this morning I was trying to stand in Tree Pose. It’s considered one of yoga’s balancing poses. You begin by standing with your arms at your sides distributing your weight equally in both feet. Then you shift your weight into your left foot, bend down and grab your right knee and […]

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Look to Love

A number of years ago my husband and I divorced and a long winter followed with powerful waves of grief. I could have lingered in disappointment or anger but instead I set a clear intention to follow a path of love as guidance during the process of letting go. I reached out to my therapist […]

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Invite the Cold to Warm You

One morning this week I awoke to frost on my window. I imagined it must be bitterly cold outside and my attention turned toward the hot cup of tea I was holding in my hands. We live in a world of contrasts. • Messy and clean • Dark and light • Happy and sad • […]

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Easing through Change

I have a mantra that has been with me for many years. I started saying it in my early 30’s when I was a running regularly on the trails in the Pacific Northwest. It was a time of physical strength and inner angst. I ran for exercise and to clear my mind. One day it […]

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Return to the Moment

Sometimes when I’m in need, I bring back the memory of a particular beach I used to walk on during my winter trips south. I visited the same area many times over the years and developed a sense of belonging most particularly to the beach I walked each morning. I remember clearly the sensation of […]

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Opening to Your Dreams

We all have dreams. Dreams for a satisfying relationship, dreams for a closer family, dreams to express our creativity through art, writing or music. Dreams inspire us to make positive changes in our lives. Dreams call us to be our very best selves, our true selves. And yet dreams can also feel like a noose […]

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What Will You Do?

Last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I shared a lovely dinner with friends on Saturday night, gathered with family (including my 3 year old grandson!) for a delicious meal on Sunday and paddled on a quiet lake for a picnic lunch on Monday. At one point while we were sitting on an island letting […]

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Make it Happen!

It breaks my heart when someone tells me that they had hoped to acknowledge an important transition but somehow the time came and went and nothing happened. It could be a special birthday, an important accomplishment, recovery from illness or even a heartfelt thank you. Next time you hear that voice inside your head that […]

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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is on Sunday! It will be the first day of summer and I can almost feel the “Ahhhhh”. It’s such a long journey each year making our way to summer especially here in Ontario where we experience dramatic changes in the seasons with many months of bitter cold. But not now! Now my […]

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