Candles at Dusk


Having lived on the Puget Sound for 10 years, I’m deeply connected to the west coast. I’ve felt the nourishment of walking along the sandy rock lined shore and paddled through the glistening kelp beds.

Because of this, it was easy for me to say “Yes!” last week when I was invited to create a community ceremony for a vigil in Peterborough to bear witness to a crucial decision that Prime Minister Trudeau is about to make. A decision whether or not to stop construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline project in British Colombia, with oil that would be shipped across those waters.

When our small group got together to plan we were all in agreement that this was not going to be an “us against them” experience. We wanted a meaningful gathering of connection with a focus on supporting our leader to take higher ground.

When I plan a ceremony it usually “comes to me” in slices as I’m falling asleep at night or first awakening in the morning, when I’m outside walking or pausing to drink a cup of tea or during a conversation. Inspirations always come when I go to the land where the ceremony will be held.

Last night, at dusk, I went to the park where the vigil will be held. I imagined where we will stand, the candles that we’ll place around a fountain, the gestures that will connect us in community.

With the cool weather and wind that is forecast to accompany us on Monday, it is sure to be a meaningful shared experience. You are welcome to come in body or in spirit!

Candlelight Vigil

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