Are You Choosing Spring?

It’s still winter here in southern Ontario. The ground is snow covered and the nighttime temperatures are -19°C/0°F. And yet, this time of year my wellbeing depends on believing that winter will eventually come to an end.

I am committed to turning my gaze toward any sign of spring.

The other morning when I heard the black-capped chickadee announcing spring with its song “spring’s-here…spring’s-here”, I decided that the tiny chickadee must know something I don’t know.

Spring’s here!

I know very well that it is still winter and it is important to be present to what is; the cleansing chill of the wind, the delightful glisten of the snow but by noticing the spring call of the chickadee I’m also able to be present to my hope for the future.

In any particular moment we have choice. Choice about where to look, choice about how to respond to what we see and choice about the story we choose to tell.

And with that choice, each of us has the power to create a lifetime, moment by moment, hour by hour and day by day.

How beautiful is that?

I believe that caring for this power to create is a privilege and a responsibility.

Are you willing to create your life?

Are you willing to do all that you can to move forward in your life?
Are you willing to decide when and how to grieve and celebrate?
Are you willing to take the time to slow down and notice?
Are you willing to let go when it’s needed and hang on when it’s not?
Are you willing to decide when to simplify and when to open the door to a complex situation?

Here is a practice to support you in taking a small but powerful step to consciously create your life.

Create This Moment

Stop in the middle of any activity and say to yourself, “I am creating this moment”.

Then simply notice.

Where does your attention turn? How does your body feel? What are you inspired to do next?

Do this several times throughout your day and you might feel a subtle shift as the energy of possibility begins to move through you.

I’d love to hear what you discover.

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