A Ritual of Goodbye

I share my stories with you week after week in hopes that you can find yourself somewhere in the telling. I want to inspire you to create your own meaningful rituals that will open the way to a life that feels more free!

It’s time to say another goodbye, this time to a place that has been my home away from home for the past year and a half, the place where I’ve visited my sweetheart every few months while he’s been living and working away from home.

I feel so fortunate to be here this week, helping him pack and say his goodbyes to the people and places that have become so dear. It’s a bonding experience for us as he prepares to return home and we move into being an everyday life sharing couple again.

I am realizing how attached I have grown to this place where I’ve been ‘dating’ my beloved.

A Ritual of Goodbye

This is a bittersweet time for me as I say….

Farewell to the view outside my window that has provided me with inspiration during my many hours of quiet writing.

Thank you to the outdoor cafés and mouth-watering restaurants that have served as the ground for our long distance relationship.

Yes!, to the cool water in Puffer’s Pond that enticed me to dive into summer’s first swim.

Yum! To the farmer’s market for offering it’s visual feast.

And ahhhh…. To the massive trees that fill this town with wisdom of the ages.

Within a farewell there is always a hidden hello. I’m wondering what life will be like as my partner and I live again under one roof?

If you are feeling sorrow in saying your goodbye, let it be heard, speak it out, proclaim it! Make a ritual of it.

The sorrow of goodbye is all about love, the love you experience through connection.

Remember that it was love that brought you here to this place of tears. If you call on love you will be supported in finding ways to honor and even celebrate your transition. Love will bring you the courage to move forward with awareness toward your future.

Get quiet and wait for love. Walk in nature and look for love. Open your journal and write a letter to love. Sit in front of your altar and invite love in.

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