I Love This Moment of Balance

During my yoga class this morning I was trying to stand in Tree Pose. It’s considered one of yoga’s balancing poses.

You begin by standing with your arms at your sides distributing your weight equally in both feet. Then you shift your weight into your left foot, bend down and grab your right knee and clasp your inner ankle. You use your hand to draw your right foot alongside your inner left thigh and adjust your hips so that they are aligned. Then your press your hands together in prayer position at your chest while fixing your gaze on one unmoving point in front of you. Repeat on the opposite side.

This might sound easy but at first it’s more of an awkward wobbling pose and it’s easy to fall out. But if you use your breath as your guide, you begin to know where to place your focus, how to exercise your strength and even when to call in compassion. With this awareness as you practice Tree Pose you are in essence inviting in balance.

I believe that finding a balanced life has to begin with noticing when balance is already happening. One way to notice it is by using this simple practice I call “I Love This Moment of Balance”.

Try it right now. Say out loud, ‘I love this moment of balance” and then see what happens. Within a few moments invariably you notice balance.

As a practice do it again and again through out the day. You could choose to say it every time you look in the mirror…say ”I love this moment of balance” and you might find balance in the feeling of your shoulders relaxing.

Or say it whenever you get up from sitting… “I love this moment of balance” and you might notice balance in both feet equally placed on the floor before taking a step.

Or say it when you finish doing the dishes …“I love this moment of balance” and notice balance in your feeling of satisfaction having completing a task.

Or let irritation by your reminder and say …“I love this moment of balance” and perhaps you’ll notice a sense of pause or balance that comes to your rescue.

Use this practice “I Love This Moment of Balance” throughout your day and you’ll find that balance is everywhere already. It’s just been waiting for you to notice.

When you place your attention on balance, the quality of balance will naturally arise in your life. And you’ll begin to make better choices that support a balanced life. This stuff really works!

I want you to have some more tools to create balance in your own life so let’s return to the qualities that supported me in finding balance in the Tree Pose this morning. They were breath, focus, strength and compassion.

Here are 5 Ways to Find Balance In Your Life

Balance requires breath. Tune into your breath to easily move yourself from frustrated to free.

Balance requires focus. Focus on your goals and focus on this moment.

Balance requires strength. Enlist a strong intention of inviting balance into your life.

Balance requires compassion. Offer compassion toward yourself every time you “fall down”.

Balance doesn’t happen miraculously but it feels like a miracle when it happens.

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