What Truly Matters

Earlier this week we lost our puppy for 25 minutes. We were about to celebrate her 6-month birthday with presents wrapped in newspaper and a cake made from puppy treats complete with a candle. I’d let her out into our fenced back yard for a few minutes.

My partner, Scott and I were beside ourselves with anxiety as we searched our neighborhood. It was terrible to lose our furry bundle of happiness.

Our next-door neighbor had seen her running down the sidewalk so at least we had a clue. She was returned to us by a friend who lives on the other side of our block. I’d knocked on her door to tell her to keep a look out and moments after I’d ridden away on my bike she saw Daisy across the street in a bewildered looking woman’s arms. Whew!

There is such preciousness in our lives.

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada and my daughter-in-love and I have been texting back and forth planning our menu for the meal we’ll share. I’m sure we’ll spend time out in nature enjoying the crisp autumn air and the beauty of the colourful leaves.

Sometimes our lives are seem to be filled with so many responsibilities, obligations and work to be done that we forget what truly matters. We don’t even see the preciousness.

A loss or a special holiday can bring the centre of life into focus.

So too, this simple practice that I encourage you to do sometime today or tomorrow.

Take a few moments outside.

Rest your back against a tree.
Feel the earth underneath you.
Look up and take in the blue sky.
Listen to the birds.
Find peace and carry it with you.

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