“Speaking Your Peace”

As the cool morning air gently enters the window where I’m writing I notice two robins flitting in the bushes and two butterflies dancing in the tall grass. Occasionally, I see someone walking along the path that winds through the small cemetery across the laneway from the house where I am visiting.

There is a gentle calm and a sense of balance in the scene I am witnessing.

Many of the people who are walking are searching for the grave of a famous poet who lived a long time ago. Some of them have traveled miles to visit her and when they find her gravestone they linger in quiet contemplation.

I find the poetry of Emily Dickinson complex but the sentiment of her admirers is simply beautiful.

Each time I visit her grave I notice fresh offerings on top of her gravestone…stones, a rose, a folded note, a piece of jewelry. Nearby there is a little wooden cupboard that holds notes left by Emily’s admirers.

It am touched by the messages, including poems written especially for Emily, words of love and appreciation, “People didn’t understand you in your time, but I do”, “You have helped me devote myself to the things that are important to me” and even an apology “Emily Dickinson, I’m sorry”.

There is powerful healing in the rituals that are being performed at Emily’s grave site.

Ritual is a way to clearly express the “words” of the heart.

Are there some words of love you need to say out loud? Is there some unfinished business with a family member or a friend?

Write a letter. Write a poem. Draw a simple picture.

Find a place where you feel safe and speak your peace. Place a stone or a flower, read your words aloud. Then tear them into tiny pieces and let the wind carry their message.

Create a meaningful ritual so that you can come to a place of understanding or acceptance.

Making peace is an active process that frees your heart.

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  1. Brad Cowan
    Posted August 30, 2013 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Its great to read you are enjoying your trip to the States to see Scott. He and I have a little ritual we’ve shared for years, and I’m trying to do better in keeping up my part… Hopefully a letter from me will appear in his mailbox shortly… Best wishes, say hi to him for me…

    • Jovanna
      Posted September 1, 2013 at 9:00 am | Permalink

      Yes, I’ve enjoyed watching Scott collect quirky cards to send your way over the years. A ritual of connection between the two of you for sure. Take care, Brad. Scott says “hello”!

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