4 Ways to Move Forward

So often I talk with people about ceremonies they wish they had created. It’s always sad when I hear that someone had hoped to acknowledge an important transition but somehow the time came and went without any action.

It breaks my heart!

An inspiration begins with ‘I’d like to do something’ but must be followed through with some action. Action, no matter how small, is an important element of creating ceremony. Action is a surefire way to shift “I’d like to do something” to ‘’I’m working on something” which opens the possibility of a desire fulfilled.

Here are ‘4 Simple Ways to Move Forward’ on your ceremony inspiration.

Write It Out
Use a free flowing stream of consciousness journaling method to let the ideas flow. Watch as the gems appear. Let your idea expand into possibilities.

Speak It Out
Get together with a supportive friend and run your idea by them. Two heads can expand an idea from something that feels overwhelming into an one that has ‘wings’.

Keep It Simple
This is always good guidance. If you have a grand idea, distill it down to something simple. There is a far greater chance that a simple gesture will come to fruition. Simple can leave a meaningful and lasting impression on the participants.

Get Support
Share your desire with someone you know will support you by saying “what a great idea” or “what can I do to support you?”.

When I talk with someone who has created a special ceremony or offered a simple gesture to acknowledge a transition their words of, “ I made something amazing happen for my family” or ‘I valued myself and now I feel such clarity” are so revealing.

But it’s the look on their face of deep gratitude and appreciation that tells it all.

I want that for you!

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  1. Posted August 3, 2012 at 5:28 pm | Permalink

    Thanks so much for your suggestions, particularly on keeping ceremonies simple. Love your blog!

    • Jovanna
      Posted August 3, 2012 at 8:31 pm | Permalink

      Yes,there can be so much meaning in a very simple moment. It’s wonderful to have you here, Elizabeth!

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