Awakening the Spark

(from Henri Matisse Jazz)

Last night I attended a showing of “Exhibition on Screen: Matisse for Tate Modern and MoMA”. It was awesome! The colours, the shapes, the textures and all that was revealed behind the scenes of this exhibition were mesmerizing.

I am deeply moved in the presence of art. Creativity unleashed, awakens a spark that calls me to be wholly myself.

When I got home I opened my book about Matisse and I looked through my art portfolio and pulled out a piece that I created a few years ago that was surely inspired by Matisse. I painted paper in bold colours and used scissors to cut the shapes.

Creating art was a ritual expressing my desire for a sacred love relationship. Notice the two blue shapes nestled in the spiral…

What calls you to be wholly, completely, totally, absolutely, entirely, fully, thoroughly, utterly and perfectly you?

Find a way to answer that call. Take a step. Pick up the brush, open the journal, sign up for the dance class, say the words or open the door.

I’d love to support you. Send me an email. Let’s have a conversation about your sacred life!

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